Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

About The Treatment

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features. Strong, defined brows will shape and lift the face, highlighting every individual’s best aesthetic.

Our patients seek eyebrow transplants for a wide variety of reasons from overplucking and scarring to alopecia. Extensive overplucking can permanently damage the hair follicles with patients unable to grow back their brows at all. Our hair restoration experts draw on their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver hair transplant procedures that increase the confidence of all our patients with thicker, natural-looking brows.

The Procedure

We use FUE for our eyebrow transplantation procedures. This advanced method is ideal for a smaller-sized treatment area, as hair follicle unts are extracted one by one for ultimate precision.

Units are removed from the donor area (usually behind the ears) and then individually transplanted onto the brows.

We work together with every client at initial consultation to ascertain the perfect brow for their face shape. The new brow shape and arch will complement the face’s natural lines and contours. Our initial discussion will also cover any individual concerns, such to how to distract from a wide forehead or soften a strong jawline.

As with all FUE treatments, the process is minimally invasive and pain-free, with a local anaesthetic to ease any post-operation discomfort.

Patients will enjoy immediate results, although the full shape and definition will not be fully visible for up to a year after treatment. Shedding is common in the first week or two after the process as the hair goes through its natural resting and growth phases.

There is minimal downtime following eyebrow transplantation. However, the Rejuvenate team will provide full aftercare information and support to all patients.

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