Is There a Link Between Veganism and Hair Loss?

World Vegan Month may have only just begun but the warning headlines have been around for a while already. While you probably already know that nutritional deficiency and a poor diet can contribute to hair loss or accelerate symptoms, the experts are now suggesting that cutting red meat and animal source foods out of your diet altogether may speed up hair loss.

veganism and hair loss

Specifically, a vegan diet makes it far more difficult to maintain healthy iron levels at the recommended 8.7mg per day. But while there is a clear link between veganism and hair loss, there are many sources of iron available to those who follow a vegan diet and wish to keep their nutritional levels up to scratch.

It’s just a matter of looking in the right places and choosing your diet carefully. Spinach, beans, nuts, wholegrains and dried fruit are popular sources of iron, and you should make sure to include any of these and more in your daily diet plan. Supplements can also help to maintain healthy and balanced nutritional levels.

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