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The Truth about Shock Loss

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April 11, 2018
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If you’ve been doing your research into hair transplants, there’s a fair chance you’ve come across the concept of shock loss. While this can be a side effect of FUE treatment, it’s not half as terrifying as the media make out.

A large part of fear comes from the unknown, so let’s break down to the details. Shock loss takes place when the original hairs in the transplanted area are disrupted. The unfamiliar activity can push the hair prematurely into the resting phase. The result is thinning or shedding. It takes place soon after your transplant and the hair will usually regrow within 3 months after the initial surgery, although it can take up to six or nine months. We may sometimes prescribe a course of Finasteride to minimise exposure and keep things on an even keel.

This may help to stabilise the surrounding area. Either way, suffering from shock loss can be scary. Many people mistakenly think that their hair transplant has failed due to the shedding. But postoperative shock loss is not uncommon and it certainly doesn’t mean your transplant hasn’t worked.

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