Seasonal Shedding and Autumn Hair Loss

The autumn leaves may look pretty but seasonal shedding is an unfortunate side effect of the changing weather. If you’re shedding hair at a rapid rate, you may be surprised to know that seasonal hair loss is not uncommon.

Many people shed the most hair in the summer but end of summer/autumn is also a time when seasonal shedding commonly occurs.

seasonal shedding

 While this may not be a cause for concern in of itself, when seasonal shedding takes place with another hair loss condition it can take its toll.

Healthy hair starts from the inside out so you can minimise symptoms by following a healthy hair diet. Choose strengthening shampoo ideally with an argan oil base. Include lots of fresh fruit, veg and vitamins in your diet and try a hair supplement if you think it may prove beneficial.

Remember, don’t do anything drastic before consulting with an expert. Seasonal shedding is a common condition and our team are highly skilled in controlling symptoms and restoring lost locks.

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