Looking More Closely at Premature Balding

Premature balding has become increasingly common, particularly in young men. It manifests in a common type of a genetic hair loss called Androgenetic Alopecia (or pattern hair loss). Symptoms would start to appear around the early 20s to be considered premature.

This is a a progressive condition and an expert will be able to tell you the expected degree of hair loss. There are certain triggers that may mean the genetic trait for pattern baldness becomes premature.

premature hair loss

These include puberty and the hormonal fluctuations it brings, Smoking, stress, poor diet and medications such as anti-depressants can also be triggers. Certain diseases trigger premature hair loss, such as thyroid conditions or IBD.

It’s important to address symptoms when you first notice them, as traditional hair restoration procedures such as FUE rely on donor hair. The earlier you start to address the problem, the higher quantity of hair you will have to play with.

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