It’s Time to Talk About PND and Hair Loss

New parents and new mums especially experience a whole catalogue of emotions in the first few weeks and months of their child’s life.

Fear, excitement, joy, despair, anxiety, adoration – these are all part of the rollercoaster parenting journey. But those low moments in the early days may well be an indicator of a more serious issue.

PND & Hair Loss

Postnatal depression is now a hot topic of conversation with plenty of support available. However, many people don’t know about the link between PND and hair loss. While this may seem like a less traumatic side effect, losing your hair during such a vulnerable period can take a serious toll.

Postpartum hair loss is not uncommon due to hormonal fluctuations. However, the stress of PND can make symptoms worse.

Thankfully, there are options available if you are suffering. Give us a call in confidence today and our Rejuvenate team will set up a time for you to talk through the issues in a comfortable environment.

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