The Rise in Permanent Hair Transplants

Hair loss is on the rise with more and more people seeking long-term solutions in the form of permanent hair transplants.
While there are many causes of hair loss in both men and women, genetics and stress are key factors. The use of hair extensions or extremely tight hair styles over a long period of time can also play a part.

It is essential to make the correct diagnosis in order to choose the best course of treatment. That’s why an appointment with an expert is the best place to begin.  

permanent hair transplants

Our Rejuvenate team will be able to clarify any confusion, answer your questions and make a full diagnosis. We can also recommend the best treatment to suit your individual situation.

Permanent hair transplants such as FUE are a highly sophisticated way to restore hair with minimal downtime. Contact us for more information on FUE and any other medical or surgical hair loss treatment.


The Rejuvenate Hair Clinic is an esteemed hair loss treatment centre with a prime location on London’s Harley Street. If you wish to talk through any queries regarding permanent hair transplants with our experienced surgeons, book an appointment using our Instant Online Booking System. You can also give us a call on 0845 222 12 02, email or use our Online Diagnostics Tool for an expert consultation.