Do Over-Plucked Eyebrows Grow Back?

One of the most common questions our potential clients ask is “Can over-plucked eyebrows grow back?” We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the answer is often no.

It all depends on how thin you have plucked your brows, as well as other mitigating factors such as your metabolism and your age. Brow hair typically takes two or three months to grow back (if it’s going to) and any brow expert will wait until your brows are at their fullest before determining the best shape.

over-plucked eyebrows grow back

If you want thicker brows, make sure to have an iron, keratin and vitamin-rich diet with lots of egg, fish and dairy to aid hair health. There are also some recommend supplements for hair growth. “There are certain supplements you can take, such as iodine (required for the production of the thyroid hormone), which contribute to healthy hair growth.

However, in some cases you may have suffered permanent damage to the hair follicle. In these situations, your brow hair won’t grow back and it’s wise to seek alternative solutions such as an eyebrow transplant.


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