August 2017: National Hair Loss Awareness Month

August marks National Hair Loss Awareness Month. We are excited to see so many people making efforts to raise public awareness of this complex condition.

In tribute to this issue, Elle magazine has done their bit in raising awareness of a long-time problem. The issue of hair loss is often far more taboo among women than men. But it’s so important not to shy away.

National Hair Loss Awareness Month

The article reports that around half of women over the age of 65 will experience female pattern hair loss. There are also multiple other forms of hair loss that affect both sexes. It’s events such as those taking place during National Hair Loss Awareness Month that will do so much to reduce stigma. 

Our clinic at Rejuvenate offers a safe space where you can talk about your hair loss issues with people who really understand. For advice, support and more details on potential treatment options, contact us using the details below.

The Rejuvenate Hair Clinic is an esteemed hair loss treatment centre with a prime location on London’s Harley Street. If you wish to talk through any issues raised at National Hair Loss Awareness Month with our experienced surgeons, book an appointment using our Instant Online Booking System. You can also give us a call on 0845 222 12 02, email or use our Online Diagnostics Tool for an expert consultation.


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