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Talking About Menopausal Hair Loss

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Menopausal Hair Loss

As if the menopause isn’t stressful enough with hot flushes and mood swings galore, many women also have to contend with menopausal Hair Loss. Your hair pattern may change in the months or even years leading up to menopause.

Thinning and changes in the condition and/or volume of your hair are the most common signs. Menopausal hair loss may also take the form of female pattern hair loss. This means thinning at the crown, sides or uniform thinning across the head and scalp.

Age and the menopause are both unfortunate factors that impact the rate of hair loss. If you feel very stressed about losing your hair, this may exacerbate the problem. We would usually recommend topical hair loss treatment or even FUE to treat female pattern hair loss. However, we will also ask questions about your medical history at initial consultation to identify any other factors that might be at play.

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