How can you diagnose progressive hair loss?

While it is totally normal to feel panicked when you first notice the signs of hair loss, it’s important to stay calm and work out exactly what’s going on.

One of the first questions to consider is whether you are suffering from temporary or progressive hair loss. The signs are often very similar at the outset but it’s all down to the underlying cause.

Temporary hair loss often comes on very suddenly. It can be a response to extreme stress, new medication, pregnancy, childbirth or any other condition that interferes with your hormones.

progressive hair loss

In contrast, while progressive hair loss can come on suddenly, it often follows a slower pattern. Symptoms typically appear more gradually. It takes on many different forms including pattern baldness and generalised thinning. That’s why it’s important to consult an expert for a full diagnosis.

Our team at Rejuvenate will also be able to tell you whether you are suffering from temporary or progressive hair loss. We will also recommend the best treatment for you.

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