The Impact of Hereditary Male Pattern Baldness

We could wax lyrical about the great results that a hair transplant gives clients suffering from all levels of hair loss.

But it’s another thing entirely to actually look at the dramatic impact that hair loss can have on our lives before the decision is made to undergo surgery.

If you suffer from hereditary male pattern baldness, it can be akin to waiting for axe to fall. You know that hair loss will happen and it’s only a matter of time. Jonathan Long is all too familiar with this scenario.

The 44-year-old first noticed signs of hereditary male pattern baldness ten years ago. His wife, Sophie, describes the terrible impact it had on their relationship.

Jonathan became withdrawn, angry and hyper-sensitive. He would only leave the house wearing hats. For his part, Jonathan admits that he was “thoroughly miserable”.

After undergoing a hair transplant, the results were life changing for both Jonathan himself and his relationship with Sophie. Yet his journey shows just how far we still need to come on talking about hair transplants in the mainstream. Jonathan received many nasty comments and was still brave enough to handle his hair transplant like a champ.

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