The Emotional Impact of Hair Loss

While we have seen first-hand the many ways that hair loss can impact on a person’s mental and emotional health, a new survey brings this issue to the forefront of the public conscience.

Commissioned by Asda Pharmacy, the survey assessed more than two thousand men and found that more than a quarter of those under 35 have turned to drink or drugs to cope with hair loss.

It doesn’t end there. 41 per cent of the men under 35 said they would rather lose their home than all of their hair.

hair transplants

The survey also showed that 39 per cent have a reduced sex drive and a third avoid socialising out of embarrassment.

The good news is that even though many sufferers feel hopeless, 31 per cent of men are considering hair transplant treatment. This is reassuring in that people are growing more aware of effective treatments available to combat their symptoms.

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