Hair Transplant Methods without the Fuss

Forgive us if this sounds a little spoilt, but sometimes spending hours getting your hair done can be a little dull. Especially for women with longer hair, the process can take up to two, three or four hours with cut, colour and blowdry. Just ask Katie Price how boring it can be.
Then there is the problem at the other end of the scale – suffering from such a high level of hair loss that you spend hours every day trying to find new ways to cover it up. It’s a time-consuming, draining and often futile process.
hair transplant methods
Our hair transplant methods include FUE and Biofibre, both of which are fuss-free, highly effective and totally safe. They are also walk-in, walk-out procedures meaning you will enjoy natural-looking, thicker hair in no time.
Plus, you’ll no longer have to spend hours trying to cover up baldness and thinning. Now that’s a (Katie) Price worth paying. 

The Rejuvenate Hair Clinic is an esteemed hair loss treatment centre with a prime location on London’s Harley Street. If you wish to talk through any concerns regarding hair transplant methods with our experienced surgeons, book an appointment using our Instant Online Booking System. You can also give us a call on 0845 222 12 02, email or use our Online Diagnostics Tool for an expert consultation.