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Body hair is at the centre of the latest debate on gender bias, thanks to the Disney powerhouse.

The Disney XD channel animated series ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’ already made waves earlier in 2017 when they featured Disney’s first same sex kiss.

Now they have debuted their first ‘boy princess’ and he comes complete with chest hair. 

Character Marco Diaz transforms himself into ‘Princess Marco Turdina’ but before he gets the chance to tell the world that he is pretending to be a princess, the evil headmistress exposes his chest hair.

But Marco gets the last laugh as the other princesses still love him and see his gender as irrelevant to his princess status.

Once again, we can see the major role that hair plays in our identity. That’s why a variety of hair restoration options exist to cater to each person’s unique aesthetic needs and desires. Click here to browse our medical solutions and click here to check out our surgical options.

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