Hair Loss Supplements to Prevent Balding

We frequently talk about the importance of nutrition for strong, healthy hair and to prevent hair loss. Now we want to detail the best hair loss supplements, superfoods and vitamins that can help to prevent balding.

While hair loss may sometimes be inevitable due to genetics or other factors, hair loss supplements will help to slow down the process.

Nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glanville recommends avocado, seeds and nuts, oily fish and cold-pressed flaxseed oil as good sources of fatty acids.

hair loss superfoods

These will help to maintain healthy scalp and shiny hair. She also recommends Omega 3 fatty acid supplements.

The key is to pack your diet with unprocessed “real” foods that offer natural sources of vitamins and minerals. These include fruit, veg, eggs, beans and pulses.

Healthy nutrients will promote good circulation to optimise scalp health. Including ginger and cinnamon in your hot drinks this winter is an easy way to boost circulation and promote hair health.

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