Hair Loss Styling Tips for Men

While hair restoration is our forte, we also advise clients on the interim period before they undergo a hair transplant or go ahead with medical treatment.

Concealing hair loss and bald or thinning patches is obviously a cause for concern among our clients. Men especially often feel that their baldness is emasculating, making a major impact on confidence and self-esteem.

hair loss styling tips for men

FUE hair transplants are a highly regarded treatment process used by the most esteemed surgeons worldwide. These experts, including our Rejuvenate team, also know all about how to protect and maximise confidence at the in between stage.

Their advice is very much in line with our own – use a high quality shampoo that protects your scalp and offers a deep cleanse to minimise bacteria build-up, infection and inflammation that may lead to hair loss.

They also recommend balancing scalp moisture with a hydrating conditioner for optimum hair health. If you are concerned with your hair appearing thinner and more sparse than usual, opt for hair gel (don’t overdo it!) to add volume and enhance structure.

These hair loss styling tips will only solve problems on a superficial level in the short term. For longer-term treatment and results, it’s best to opt for medical or surgical solutions. 

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