The Link between Crash Dieting and Hair Loss

If you’re planning to crash diet before your summer holiday, we have one piece of advice – don’t! 

Not only is crash dieting stressful for your body, it is also a known cause of hair loss. The link between extreme crash dieting and hair loss is caused by the huge shock to the system caused by restricted eating and nutritional deficiencies.

It can lead directly to telogen effluvium – temporary hair loss and thinning. Many people are unaware that ther crash diet is to blame, as symptoms may take up to three months after the trigger to become noticeable. 

While most cases of temporary hair loss will clear up naturally within six months, it can sometimes trigger permanent hair loss. It may exacerbate genetic hair loss conditions such as pattern baldness.

Adopting a healthy diet rich in iron, fruit and veg is one of the best ways to ensure healthy hair growth. If you’re concerned that your crash diet or unhealthy eating habits have impacted your hair, get in touch with our team today for support and advice.

The Rejuvenate Hair Clinic is an esteemed hair loss treatment centre with a prime location on London’s Harley Street. If you wish to talk through any queries regarding crash dieting and hair loss with our experienced surgeons, book an appointment using our Instant Online Booking System. You can also give us a call on 0845 222 12 02, email or use our Online Diagnostics Tool for an expert consultation.


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