How to Combat a Receding Hairline

combat a receding hairline

Around half of men notice signs of hair loss by age of 35 and male pattern baldness is a pressing problem. So today’s post on how to combat a receding hairline seems very timely!

While you cannot stop hair loss entirely, you can make moves to slow down the process.

  1. Pack your diet with protein including iron- and zinc-rich foods such as liver or bananas. This leads to stronger, more resilient hair.
  2. Avoid heavy hair products. These put the hair under unnecessary pressure
  3. Prioritise scalp care. A healthy scalp and healthy hair go hand in hand
  4. Quit smoking. Research shows that heavy smokers are more than twice as likely to have moderate or severe hair loss than their non-puffing counterparts.

The fact is that DIY hair loss treatment is only going to work for so long. If you are experiencing a higher level of hair loss and feel unhappy with your appearance, it’s best to look into having a transplant.

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