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The Truth about Alopecia Areata

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April 5, 2018
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Many people simply cannot believe that young children are affected by hair loss but a news story this week helps to highlight the issue. 21-year-old Russian documentary filmmaker Elizaveta “Liza” Popova was first diagnosed with alopecia areata at the age of four.

She was bullied at school, while her parents – fearful of the impact that their daughter’s bald head would have – fashioned her a wig. Liza wore this wig for the next 13 years. It wasn’t until she was hand-picked by a model scout that she revealed her bald head. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Liza has gradually learnt to feel confident in her skin but it hasn’t been an easy road.

Just like many other hair loss conditions, the exact cause of alopecia areata is not known. However, symptoms are commonly seen after a serious illness or injury. This can be mental or physical with patients reporting symptoms of alopecia after experiencing allergies, stress and trauma.

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