Unshaven FUE

Unshaven FUE, or U-FUE as it is commonly known, is an advanced alternative to the regular FUE method. With FUE, patients will usually have their head shaved in the donor area of the head or, in more advanced cases, other parts of the head too. This allows the surgeon to have the best possible access to donor hair.

With U-FUE, there is no shaving on any part of the head. The healthiest, strongest hairs will be extracted as per the usual FUE method, but the surgeon must be able to identity the optimal strands amongst the regular hair and cut them away.

Due to its extremely intricate requirements, U-FUE can only be carried out by a handful of skilled surgeons in the world, including our team at Rejuvenate Hair Clinics. As the unshaven method restricts the donor zone, it requires expert hair surgeons to complete the procedure.

U-FUE is a great option that caters to individual choice. We will advise on the suitability of U-FUE at initial consultation but it is usually chosen by those who require a smaller number of grafts, or those who wish to keep their surgery discreet.

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