Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is a highly advanced and innovative technique used by esteemed hair transplant surgeons worldwide. This process involves removing hair follicle grafts (units of one to four hairs) directly from a donor area on the back or sides of the head using a special tool. These follicles are then grafted onto areas of the head where hair is bald or thinning.

By extracting individual follicles, FUE allows our surgeons to minimise wastage of hair grafts and ascertain the exact number of units that can be safely transplanted for each individual. It also allows the surgeon to conduct a precise job for natural-looking results. The process uses super-powered, fibre-optic microscopes and specialised surgical instruments for tiny incisions with no stitching required and no risk of linear scarring.

The use of a local anaesthetic means minimal recovery/downtime post-surgery and minimal discomfort with almost all patients back in their daily routine within 48 hours of surgery.

With the ability to transplant thousands of grafts in one safe, fluid session, FUE is a truly revolutionary hair transplant procedure. In comparison to the strip harvest technique, where the skin is removed and then dissected into individual parts, the FUE harvesting technique extracts each follicular unit one at a time. This guarantees fantastic results and a better growth rate, even in those cases where the patient is suffering from an advanced degree of hair loss.

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