Benefits of FUE

As a relatively modern process, Follicular Unit Extraction was first officially recognised in the 1980s and has developed significantly ever since. Designed to minimise discomfort and maximise natural-looking results, FUE has become increasingly popular thanks to a range of unique benefits, including:

  • Absence of scarring – Discretion and sensitivity are core values of Rejuvenate Hair Clinics. As such, we recognise that many of our patients would prefer that their friends, family and colleagues do not know that they have undergone hair transplant procedures. FUE ensures total absence of any linear scarring thanks to the extremely tiny incisions made by the tools. It is ideal for those who wish to keep their operation discreet and for people who like to wear their hair very short, tied up in a ponytail or cropped.
  • Efficiency – FUE is perfect for people who wish to easily fit in hair transplant procedures around their everyday lives. Almost all transplants are completed within just a few hours. Most patients return to their regular routine after just 48 hours and enjoy a full recovery within 7-10 days.
  • Non-invasive – FUE involves a local anaesthetic and specialist tools, with no need for a scalpel or suture. 
  • Larger harvesting area – FUE typically takes hair from a larger donor supply area than previous hair transplant procedures. This makes the treatment especially valuable for those in advanced stages of baldness who have minimal hair on the head.
  • Cutting-edge – Thanks to its highly modern and sophisticated techniques, FUE can be used to treat those patients who have a tighter scalp as a result of previous strip harvesting surgery. 
  • Safe, pain-free methods – Unlike procedures such as FUT, the FUE process requires no staples or sutures and there are no open wounds. As such, patients will likely experience just a mild discomfort following the procedure. This further helps to speed up recovery times.
  • High-quality grafts – With FUE, follicular grafts can be carefully chosen to suit their individual purpose for the most natural-looking results. Surgeons will identify the strongest donor hair for transplantation, such as more finer strands to counter a receding hairline.
  • Natural, high-quality results – Your surgeon will transplant the hair follicles with an intelligent structure to suit the natural direction and angle of hair growth. This will ensure new hair blends easily with its surroundings. It may also help to cover up scars from previous surgeries.
  • Flexibility – FUE is a flexible hair transplant solution that fulfils increasing demand for beard and eyebrow transplants. This intricate process allows for any number of specialist hair follicular units to be grafted to suit the individual case.
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